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Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Combat Cyberattacks


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Most valuable asset these days for any company is its business data or information which reveals everything about its operations and business goals. It is the only reason why everyone is cognizant of the importance of data in business and its impact on the economy at large.

Companies are now taking preventive measures on how to cope with the issue of cyberattacks and protect their valuable information. Data practitioners are taking preventive measures to bridge the security gap while managing detection and response services. Digital innovation has opened a wide channel through various data resources.

Experts opine that in order to survive in the cutthroat capitalist market economy, every business should accept it warmly. With the availability of wearable technology, mobile devices have become a major source of data about any individual. It will not be wrong to say that security and privacy have become the primary concerns nowadays.

Big Data and analytics are showing promise with improving cybersecurity. 90% of respondents from MeriTalk’s new U.S. government survey said they’ve seen a decline in security breaches. – SentinelOne

Why do we need Big Data and Analytics in Cyber Security?

In collective form, big data analytics and machine learning provide a deeper understanding of the business information collected. With the help of it, we can identify the potential threat which may affect the integrity of the company. An organization can be studied on the basis of statistical data designed on certain baselines that defines what is acceptable or not.

Various statistical measures help entrepreneurs and business managers to predict where the data is deviating from the norm and what corrective actions are needed to be taken. Historical data can be used to define the new statistical and predictive models by using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technique.

Employee Activity Monitoring

The employee activity monitoring program is the most reliable program based on big data analytics to enhance the productivity of any organization. It’s the only platform where the company’s compliance officer or human resource manager scrutinize the behavioural characteristic of each individual. The employee-related security issue is imminent due to breaches.

They give limited access to the authorized staff of the sensitive information. However, every individual has the authority to access their login and manipulate the data and view the files for which they are authorized to be. To avoid any sort of threat, the system administrator liaises with the human resource department and share their credentials depend upon the complexity of business nature and responsibility for the business.

Unauthorised access is when staffers use applications to view files or change data they should not be able to touch. This usually requires another employee, such as a system administrator, to be lax with system access controls. Data theft or destruction can follow. – Justin Kapahi: Vice President of Solutions & Security at External IT

Intrusion Detection System

Now we rely more on the firewalls, multi-factor authentication and data encryption for big data security. Do you think it’s more than sufficient in this digitally advanced world? Incorporation of an Intrusion Detection System offers a wide channel to the enterprise network which monitors traffic and other malicious intent of each segment.

Intrusion detection and prevention system is designed for all critical systems and system that are accessible through viable means like Web Servers, email systems, servers for Internet access that house customer data, active directory server or other systems that require to employ day to day activity.

It helps in comprehending business requirement in order to take a corrective decision in favour of the organization. A penetration test, also known as a pen test, can be defined as the cyber attack performed to check for exploitable infirmity inimical to your computer system.

Intrusion detection and prevention should be used for all mission-critical systems and systems that are accessible via the Internet, such as Web servers, e-mail systems, servers that house customer or employee data, active directory server, or other systems that are deemed mission critical. – IT Business Edge

Using Historical Data

As we know, the world is a hub of huge data reaching unprecedented levels, cyber threats arriving isn’t much of a shocker. To combat such threats, an article is specified in the CSO which helps to retrieve and study the historical data and defines how to draw out useful information in identifying potential cyber attacks while also predicting future events.

Historical data are the only key measure which helps in determining when the data deviates from the norms and creating new instances for predictive models, statistical models and machine learning.

“Using this historical data, you can create statistical baselines to identify what is ‘normal’. You will then be able to determine when the data deviates from the norm. This historical data can also create new possibilities for predictive models, statistical models, and machine learning.”

Keep Your Team Informed

It’s important to keep an update of security measures so your team can recognize threats as important. Hackers mostly target the loopholes of a cybersecurity system and an enterprise’s text, email, phone calls, fake websites and dangerous links that give access to cybercriminal possession of an organization’s most confidential information.

Hackers routinely target workers who are dangerously oblivious to proper cybersecurity practices. Managers who care about protecting their clients, their firms and themselves must prioritize educating employees of all levels on how breaches occur. – Tech Center.

How to confront the Cyberattack?

Government organizations and business organizations are working together to fight against cyber threats using Machine Learning and Big Data analytics technology. They are engaged in building defensive systems to protect against the increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

With the increasing number of cyber attacks from different means, these kinds of protective measures are the need of the hour. We have to remain more vigilant about new technology and threats so we can safeguard ourselves from unpleasant instances.

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