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7 Crucial Steps to Drive Traffic from Pinterest to your Blog


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3Driving traffic to a blog is not a plain sailing. In the contemporary world marginalized with the digital revolution, almost everyone wants to establish a blog that stands out as a brand. With the creation of a blog comes the intention of driving authentic traffic to it.

While experienced bloggers who have been in the field for years are coming up with innovative ways to enhance the traffic, new bloggers are suffering from a lack of exposure to driving traffic.

As a result, even with the most sustaining blog subjects, they are failing to fetch the organic traffic to their sites. Today, Google is flooded with thousands and thousands of mediocre data, reducing the possibility of gaining traffic from the search engine directly. As a result, the new bloggers are terminating the blogs and changing their course of direction.

Till 2015, Guest Posting, social media posting and commenting on similar blogs were used in order to drive traffic to the blogs. But with Google coming up with new algorithms every now and then, these ways started becoming ineffective.

Bloggers are already exploring platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Google Plus and even StumbleUpon, hoping that they bring traffic to their blogs. While all of these activities, can drive traffic to your sites, no one can really say how long it will be before the traffic disappears.

So what other solution, do you have for driving high traffic to your blog?

The answer is Pinterest!

According to Pew Research, Pinterest has been rising in terms of popularity when compared to Twitter and Facebook in the past two years.

Initially, when Pinterest was found, people had an image that it is about women talking about women-centric products. However, throughout the years, it is revealed that Pinterest has the capability to drive traffic three times more when compared to other social media platforms.

What is Pinterest?

As we all know, Pinboarding is an interesting concept to keep a track of the data. It has been in existence for decades now and has helped a lot of people in making their lives easier.

Pinterest revolves around the same concept as the pinboard, only online. It is nothing but a collection of visual images and placing them together. A web and as well as a mobile application, it is designed to cover all kinds of information on the web using images, videos, and GIFs with shorter descriptions.

The site was originally found by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra in March 2010. It has reached 200 million users, as of Sept 2017. According to the CEO of Pinterest, it can be described as a basic catalog full of ideas which encourages the user to do things.

Using your Pinterest account, you can create multiple boards so that you can pin your interests. For instance, if you’re someone who likes collecting quotes from the movies, you can create a pinboard with the label, ‘Movie Quotes’. Similarly, if you like collecting cooking recipes, you can create a board, labeling it as ‘Cooking Recipes’.

Pinterest users usually interact with each other just like Facebook users, but through re-pinning, liking and even commenting on others posts. This is why just like Facebook and Instagram, this social network is a great place to gain resourceful data.

Before digging in further, let’s know how to leverage this social media platform.

How to use Pinterest?

#Sign Up for a Free Account on Pinterest:

Pinterest is extremely free to use, like all the social media platforms. All you need is to do is create an account by filling your credentials like email id, name, gender, age, country, and language. Once you’re done, you have to select five categories for personalized pins on your feed.

#Familiarize yourself with the Pinterest profile:

In the top corner, you can see the profile picture and name. By clicking on it, you can visit the profile settings and navigate through the profile through three tabs: Boards, Tried and Pins.

#Start saving the pins to the Boards:

When you are browsing through the Pinterest, you can save a pin to your board by cursing your mouse over the pin. You can find the ‘Save’ button which appears on the top corner and from there, you can save the pin to whichever board you want it to be saved.

#Save Pins that you have saved on the Computer:

Navigate to your profile, and click on the Boards/Pins tab in order to either create a new board or pin. In case if you want to add a new pin, you can upload it from your computer here or copy paste the URL of the pin and save it. In case if you like adding a lot of things, you can install the browser button to do it in a couple of clicks.

#Follow/Interact with Users:

If you like the pins/boards of users and want to keep a track on them, you can follow them in order to get their pins on your home feed. If you want to interact with the users, you can either save their pins to your boards. You can send pins of users to others or share their pins on other media platforms. You can like or comment on their pins, complimenting them as well.

#Discover new pins on Pinterest:

Apart from checking the home feed, you can browse through new categories from the top right corner where you can find a hamburger button. By doing this, you can see more pins that you might like or dislike.

How to Drive Traffic from Pinterest to your Blog?

If you type the question, “How to drive traffic from Pinterest to your Blog?” in Google Search Engine, it would give you around 40,000,000 results in less than 0.70 seconds. So, it is not entirely possible to find the authentic method which helps you in driving traffic from Pinterest. Still and all, here are a few tips:

1. Setting up your Profile in an Appealing Way:

Firstly, you should set your display name because it is the first thing that the users notice. Set a username which says that your profile is not just informative, but the one which can help them. By doing that, your profile will be displayed directly in the search results when they search for the similar content.

Secondly, it is important that your profile has the specialty listed so that people can search for it easily. In cases when they have typed the basic ‘keyword’, you will pop up in the results. When you haven’t listed your specialty, it will become difficult for the people to find you. Even when you have strongly pinned content, missing out on this strategy will only reduce the potentiality of your profile.

Thirdly, it is important to have a clear picture of you which can be used both on the site and as well as the Pinterest profile. While most bloggers opt to use a logo because it is recognizable, it is important to note that the audience can’t connect with the logo as much as they do with the face.

In cases where you have a business partner, you can use a picture with both of you to represent your platform. Therefore, make sure that your image is of high quality, contains the brand elements and is clear so that it can cheer people like a big smiley emoticon.

Fourthly, make sure you have written an appealing bio. With social media usage increasing every day, a certain set of people are allured by intellectuality more than the visual acuity.

Therefore, you need to provide a bio that will cater to the audience and help them so that they get drawn to your profile.

2. Creating your Featured Boards:

The first thing that catches the audience’s attention is the featured Boards. These are the ones that most of the audience will click and therefore, it is important that you customize them.

Make sure that your boards bring the traffic, get the product in front of the audience and as well can represent your brand at the most. For example, if you are a prominent Instagrammer, you can add an ‘Instagrammer’ board to your featured boards in order to make the audience aware of your products and services.

Most of the Pinterest users focus on recipes, motivational sessions, fashion trends, wedding advice and DIY tricks. Therefore, it is important for the bloggers to be careful while they create boards which are different from the mass. In case if you have boards which don’t belong to your brand, make them private so that the audience can’t see what you’re pinning in the other section.

Also, use the Board sections wisely. This new feature will allow you to organize the pins on the board. When the board section is easily navigated, the audience can skim through them with interest. Using the large button on the top of the board, you can create sections and organize the board accordingly. By using this feature, you can move the pins whenever and wherever you want to.

3. Creating Interesting Pins at the Right Time:

Creating the pin is the most consuming part in the entire process. The quality of your pins is going to affect the engagement of your blog. Therefore, only pin when you are sure that either your pin is helpful, interesting, detailed, innovative or actionable. Actionable pins which say, ‘check out’ can generate around 80% of the engagement than the normal pins.

After that, write a proper description through which you want to tell the reader, what the pin is about. Bloggers can go with the blog title and a meta-description that can highlight the post. In order to maximize the potential of the pin, shuffle through thousands of pin and note what makes a pin, great in your niche. One of the few best features of Pinterest is that it can redirect the image to your site through image source modification.

Following this, edit the pin source to your site. When someone has found your pin, click on the image should redirect them to your webpage. By placing the site URL in the description of the pin, you can drive traffic easily. However, the other way to drive the traffic is by inserting image source in the image URL so that the visitor is redirected to the site after clicking on the pin twice.

Lastly, pinning at the right time is indeed essential. Pinterest is all about numbers and therefore, know when your target audience is most active. By mere data analysis, you can select the best time for pinning so that the reach is higher. The best time for pinning is on the weekends while the worst time is during the working hours on weekdays.

Do not over-pin your material and focus on getting it re-pinned more number of times. Following Pareto’s 80/20 rule, try pinning 80% of others’ content in the similar niche and promote 20% of your content.

4. Optimize the Visuals and the Graphics:

First and foremost, make sure that the ‘Pin It’ button is displayed on your site for the visitors so that they can add the content from your website to their Pinterest profiles. What make Pinterest addicting are the images. Therefore, insert new and rarely seen images on your website so that the users can pin it to their boards using various images.

Create customized graphics or photos for your blogs. If you browse through Pinterest, you will see that most of the images are vertical. While Pinterest is used by users through mobile devices the most, the images should be taller. Any image which is in the ratio of 4:5 or 2:3 can be used with a minimum height of 975mm.

Pins should not have faces in the images. Pins without human faces are most likely to be re-pinned. Also, make sure that your pin images have contextual background with a single color in it. Use vibrant colors like pinks, limes, and reds for maximum reach. Pins which have lightness can perform well than those which don’t have the lightness. In case if you’re using a branding logo, make sure that your logo is minimal and professional looking.

Pin images which have text can draw more attention. The texted images look professional and also can provide information about the pin at a glance. Using different editing tools or Adobe Photoshop, you can make attractive images with clean fonts so that people can see that you’re detailed about the pin.

5. Turning your Account into a Business Account:

All of your pinning efforts will yield results only when you have a business account. You can either directly sign for a business account or turn your existing account into a business account. While you’re signing up, Pinterest will give you access to the analytics and the behavioral patterns of the pins once you have verified your blog with Pinterest.

Second, you can opt for Rich Pins which contain more information than the standard pins. The Rich Pins are of five types – Article Pins, Product Pins, Movie Pins, Recipe Pins and App Pins. Each of these pins has upgrades that come with direct linking as well as pricing accordingly.

As a blogger, you can opt for Article pins as they are useful in promoting your latest blogs with bigger headlines and logos. Even blogs with plugins like the Yoast SEO can use these pins for the backlinking.

After this, enable your Pinterest account with Facebook. Pinterest usually reviews your blog and once it is approved, it will contact you. As soon as the blog is verified, enable it with Facebook and share the pins on your Facebook profile/page as well for further reach.

Last, but not the least, use Pinterest Guides for optimization of boards and pins. By doing it, you can learn marketing tips from the Guide and as a result, can keep your blog up to the date. You can also attach videos and pin them in order to campaign your products. Even in cases where you acquired rich pins, you can use pin tools to reach a targeted audience.

6. Engage with Followers through Pinterest Groups and Activities:

It is important to engage with the Pinterest users by engaging with them. Pinning constantly and re-pinning others’ content is a great way to gain followers. If you don’t have time to pin regularly, use schedule pins with different tools. In order to boost the referral traffic, find content from influencers and promote it.

After this, join Pinterest group boards. They are perfect for adding traction to the site. A group board is nothing but a community where others can create pins in your board. They not only give you exposure but also can help you grow followers. Pinning to a specific board might help you know your target audience well.

Commenting is important in driving traffic. It will help you in developing authority over the boards. Make sure that you find relevant pins and comment on them so that the audience can come to visit your board. When you are sure that your pins have become popular, create a group board so that you can turn your followers into your ambassadors.

Post pins on other boards occasionally with your blog’s link for further growth.

7. Hosting Contests that can Increase Engagement:

Contests are the easiest way to attract followers. All you need to do is go through the guidelines about Pinterest hosting before you host a contest. Make sure that you are designing the contest with respect to the subject of the blog so that the audience can believe that it is genuine.

Create the contest boards in a way that they are related to your sites. Ask the followers to submit the answers directly on the website along with the comment so that you can see who is winning. Once the followers have commented, go through the answers and announce the winner accordingly.

Additionally, you can create buzz about your contest on other social networks, through your email list or to the website visitors. It is important to offer a worthy prize so that the followers become interested to participate. In case if you don’t have an adequate budget, you can go with coupons or give merchandise related to your business. You can also use various apps like Wishpond to organize the contest in case if you want it to be formatted.

Are you Pinterest Ready?

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing networks since 2014. The growth is still accelerating and therefore, it is one of the strongest sources for generating the traffic. As it is evident that the platform will not fade away soon, it can be used as a playground for marketing your blog. By following all the above steps, one can easily increase the site’s traffic and can create additional engagement of the site with adequate time and effort.

What are you waiting for?

Start pinning already!

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