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Why Guest Blog For TechSule?

Yes, why guest blog for us when you can post your write-up on your own blog? Interesting question! Well, it’s all about the exposure you get. You write something and post it on your own blog, share it on social media and harp on about it everywhere. That’s time-consuming. Let us take the stress out of the work for you.

Besides, when you choose us, you can enjoy a better audience reach – one that’s exclusively interested in your topic. We bring the like-minded together. You give us text and we feed them to the tech-hungry people out there. Simple. Remember, guest blogging for us is so much more than just throwing in some words. Only the crème de la crème is chosen.

How Do Authors Benefit?

Presently, we cannot pay our guest bloggers. But, that’s certainly not what guest blogging is about. You guest blog to earn a name, a better online presence. At TechSule, we let you enjoy free self-promotion. You will be allowed one link to your personal site (provided it isn’t a competitor site of any sort).

You also get to write your own bio. And yes, the publicising of your posts is completely on us. And who knows our Editorial Team might just pick your post for highlighting. Even better if your creation happens to get ‘Featured’ on our website!

How To Write The Author Bio?

Write whatever you want to. You can talk about who you are, what you do, your personality, hobbies, your preferred tech genre, etc. Just make it precise and easy to read. It should leave a lasting impression on whoever reads it. And hey, please don’t include any link to your website in your author bio.

How Does TechSule Decide Which Content To Publish / Feature?

This is a manual task for us, so we request you to be patient. Your write-up will be judged from a reader’s point of view – laymen as well as tech experts. The information you provide will be validated. Next, we will look for brevity and clarity of thoughts.

This will be followed by stringent grammar and spelling checks while keeping in mind the overall structure of the content. Relax, we are not Grammar Nazis here. We don’t expect infallibility from you. However, creativity and lucidity of writing are paramount for us. Go through our Blogging Guidelines for more information.

Is Pitching Required Before Content Submission?

No pitching required. Just submit your write-up and let us review it. We will get back to you within a week. Don’t be petrified. We don’t steal ideas and topics. Your write-up will be exclusively yours. If not published on our website, you can take it and post it elsewhere.

Is There A Chance Of Posts Getting Removed After Publishing?

Not at all, provided there has not been an copyright infringement, intellectual property, or violation of our Terms of Use.

Why Hire TechSule For Content Writing / Digital Marketing?

We won’t beat about the bush. Hire us for our commitment to quality. We are ROI-oriented and result driven. We could work as your virtual assistant and take the load off your everyday workload. Doesn’t that sound like a luxury? Well, we offer the privilege to you!

‘Quality’ for us is information-rich, SEO-friendly content, grammatical accuracy, authentic information, ROI-centricity, eye for detail, creativity, timely delivery on commitment, and the zeal for continuous improvement. Digital marketing is not a magic wand. It has to be built from scratch, not tinkered midway.

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