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Influence of Social Media on Political Campaigns Going Viral

Digital media has shaped political campaigns in a significant way in recent times. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms often brimming with viral political stories. The prevalence of these sites in politics has made the candidates more accountable to the voters.

All that’s Abuzz in the World of Chatbots

You are not alone if you wish you went to the world of “The Jetsons” and enjoyed the high-tech lifestyle promised by the Jetsons’ robot maid Rosie. What a spectacular thing to imagine! However, no longer will it be called a dream impossible

Mind-Machine Interface: a Badass Brain or Bitter Bane?

Imagine a human brain hardwired to connect with a computer. Does it excite you? Does it terrify you? We’ve already explored this idea elaborately in movies, haven’t we? Consider the likes of The Terminal Man (1974), The Matrix (1999), or the very recent

Wireless Headphones are Making Great Strides this Year

Let’s assume you are a music-loving tech-recluse who likes concentrating sound in private and silently wishes those messy, cumbersome wires never existed. Hey, the IFA 2018 must have been a sheer delight for you! The colossal tech show marked a milestone moment in

Stratolaunch: A Supersized Extraterrestrial Dream Come True

2011. Paul G. Allen – Billionaire and Microsoft co-founder, announces project Stratolaunch. 2012. 88,000 sq ft of composites production building is completed. 2013. Construction of 92,640 sq ft carrier assembly hangar and operations facilities at the Mojave Air and Space Port is completed.

7 Crucial Steps to Drive Traffic from Pinterest to your Blog

3Driving traffic to a blog is not plain sailing. In the contemporary world marginalized with the digital revolution, almost everyone wants to establish a blog that stands out as a brand. With the creation of a blog comes the intention of driving authentic

Content Writing and the Rule of Three: A Brief Analysis

“Omne Trium Perfectum” -  A Latin phrase that translates to ‘everything that comes in three is perfect.’ If you have ever explored folklore and folktales, you would notice how powerful the number THREE is! Three blind mice, three wishes to grant, a three-legged

Could OmiseGO be the Cryptocurrency Hero of 2018?

A lot is happening in the world of Cryptocurrency right now, mostly positive. However, with most tokens struggling to raise their falling graphs and putting on a false front of being bankable, there is one altcoin that seems to be prospering. It is

Do Mobile Games Really Make Money?

Google Play and App store are brimming with games – some extremely popular, some mediocre, and others that hardly get installed. For each, mobile game monetisation works in different ways. The revenue curve is flat or unsteady, but never absent. So, who brings

Geostickers: The Hottest Conversation Piece Amongst Netheads

Social media is currently taken over by a ‘sticker trend.’ And something called ‘Geosticker’ is piquing hot interest in the World Wide Web. Source: cdn1.tnwcdn It debuted in Snapchat in 2016 only to be unabashedly mirrored by Instagram in what seems like a marketing

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