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All you Need to Know about GoPro Action Camera Accessories

GoPro action cameras have become one of the most sought-after high-end inventions of modern technology that has entirely transformed the world of photography. The device is packed with the latest features that enable users to take stunning images from angles that are not possible even in their wildest dreams.

The first solo model of the camera came in 2004, and it was focused on shooting action sports. Soon, it got extremely popular and turned out to be one of the best-selling action cameras across the world. In a bid to take GoPro footage to the next level and to capture even better images, the makers began preparing and investing in the next generation of GoPro action cameras.

Now begins the fun part.

Along with the camera, arrived the necessity of having equally exciting accessories. After all, what’s beauty without some embellishment? In response, tech makers, too, started coming up with cool devices and add-ons.

This post will take you for a tour and introduce you to some fantastic camera accessories you can carry with your GoPro.

Top Accessories for your GoPro Camera

1.     GoPole Reach

This extension pole for your GoPro has now turned into a must-have device as far as accessories are concerned. It helps you get into action and capture photographs at unique angles.

You can click a selfie, record a video and flip the camera around easily. GoPole Reach has a pivoting head that enables stability and precision while shooting.

Source: GoPole

2.     Floating Hand Grip

This is a lesser-known accessory and not widely used even by GoPro users. But can be one of the most effective accessories used while playing with your kids in the pool. It is also useful while having a boat trip or surfing in the ocean. So, having the same in your backpack is a must.

GOPRO Handler

Source: GoPro

3.     Gorillapod Tripod

One of the most interesting things about this accessory is that it enables the users to mount the camera on practically anything they want, given they cannot ask for the suction pads.

It is great for taking group photos, timer-based self-portraits and even for setting up time lapses. The device weighs only 300 grams and it will hardly consume much space in the daypack.

GorillaPod Action Tripod for GoPro

Source: Joby

4.     GoPro Case

Getting a GoPro case will help you to keep all your accessories in an organized manner and it will safeguard them from missing. So, the best way to keep all your GoPro accessories is to keep it in this case.

It is recommended to opt for a professional seller for buying the accessories as they will offer you with the best value for your money. Also, the quality of the accessories will be of the top-notch level.

GoPro Case

Source: Amazon.in

Best Tips to Use GoPro along with Accessories

  • Ensure the Settings are Perfectly Set

Settings should be set entirely depending on the things you wish to capture. To capture still pictures, it is better to use time-lapse with the highest resolution of one image every 0.5 or 1 second. In the case of POV, it is better to use 1080 Superview at 80fps.

  • Wash the Housing After Every Dive

It is better to clean the housing of the camera after every dive, especially after a dive in salty waters. It will safeguard your gadget from of corrosion and further damage.

  • Experiment, Experiment and Experiment

Would you like to get some exclusive tips and advice on using your new GoPro action cam? Do you want to add some extra spark to the shots? Well, the best way would be to keep on trying new angles and experimenting with the pictures. To be honest, there is no fixed rulebook for capturing images and videos through sports cameras. All you need is to do is start experimenting with things, and you will get better with time.

  • Go for a Minimum of 60 Frames per Second

Professionals try shooting in a variety of resolutions to capture video and pictures like 720p, 2.4K and even 4K. Despite the availability of so many frames and angles, 1080p with 60 frames per second is considered to be the optimal setting for the camera. The reason is simple. A 4K resolution is usually very high and some computers find it hard to process it.

Do you find these pointers useful? Drop a comment below.

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