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360-Degree Selfie: Redefining your Selfie Experience Altogether

Taking a selfie is neither an old trend nor a new one. However, capturing a flat 2D selfie is now old-fashioned. So how about taking a 360-degree selfie? Isn't that cool? Don't you want your selfie to be most interesting than those of

Could OmiseGO be the Cryptocurrency Hero of 2018?

A lot is happening in the world of Cryptocurrency right now, mostly positive. However, with most tokens struggling to raise their falling graphs and putting on a false front of being bankable, there is one altcoin that seems to be prospering. It is

Top 10 Must-Have Fitness Apps for the Health Freaks

Because Health Is Wealth Technology has taken wings of late. Every aspect of our lives has been affected, or rather, benefited in some way or the other. Today, with every new technique emerges a new hope that promises to make our lives even

Do Mobile Games Really Make Money?

Google Play and App store are brimming with games – some extremely popular, some mediocre, and others that hardly get installed. For each, mobile game monetisation works in different ways. The revenue curve is flat or unsteady, but never absent. So, who brings

Don’t Ruin Your Website Design with These Preconceived Notions – Part I

On a less serious note, the discipline of ‘Website Design’ is almost like energy. Yes, it can be created and destroyed, but it often changes form. Trends keep coming. Some stay, some are forgotten, and other don’t matter. However, there are some preconceived

Geostickers: The Hottest Conversation Piece Amongst Netheads

Social media is currently taken over by a ‘sticker trend.’ And something called ‘Geosticker’ is piquing hot interest in the World Wide Web. Source: cdn1.tnwcdn It debuted in Snapchat in 2016 only to be unabashedly mirrored by Instagram in what seems like a marketing

WhatsApp Turns Up With 2-Factor Authentication, Background Audio

That WhatsApp would be introducing a 2-factor authentication soon was already doing the rounds for quite a while now. And very recently, it has truly come into being. In an attempt to strengthen security, the functionality was introduced to the newest beta versions

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