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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority. TechSule follows a few rules to safeguard the same.

  • We will never ask for your personal details except for an email id and contact number via which we will communicate. Of course, these will be kept private. Whatever you include in your bio is your decision.
  • No personal information is stored in our server.
  • Only your published posts will be available for public view. Each post will contain your name, profile picture, authorship level, and the badges you have earned. Your author bio will be visible only when a viewer clicks on the name or profile picture.
  • Comments on your post will be moderated.
  • Should you subscribe to our newsletter, you will also have an option to unsubscribe.
  • TechSule does not support the advertisement of pornographic, adult, and mature content, or those related to illegal activities and substances. You will never receive adware, malware, viruses, and phishing offers, whatsoever.

In case you have a query in mind, feel free to reach our Support Team.

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